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Ever struggled with what to say when asked: “Tell me about your business”? Or "What makes your business unique?"

You can rattle off a chronological history of what your business has accomplished, who your customers are, and so on.


A laundry list that’s not that interesting. Worse, you’ll talk too fast and your audience's eyes will glaze over and they'll just nod politely. Your opportunity to make a lasting positive impression lost.

Mapping #FridayIntroduction Ideas to Purpose of Your Post


do you want to connect?

Think about revealing, entertaining, or inspiring your ideal customer. You want a conversational tone. One that has your ideal customer imagining they’re sitting across from you at the kitchen table sharing a mug of coffee or cup of tea.

do you want to educate, motivate, or convince your ideal customer?

Consider where they are on their decision journey: just learning about you (awareness), comparing your product or services to your competitors (consideration), or purchasing. You want to come across as credible. You want to reassure your ideal customer that choosing you is the best investment for their business.

are you looking for collaborators?

Here you’re looking for people to take action. Your story should inspire, motivate, convince, involve, or engage. Your story should show you get them, that you have a unique skill set they need. Convince them; by pairing with you, they’ll be able to take their business to the next level.


Once you know what you want people to do after they read your story, simply be you.

stumped for ideas? 

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some prompts that you can use to introduce yourself to your ideal customer.

  • The greatest challenge I've ever faced is ...
  • The accomplishment I'm most proud of is ...
  • I started my business because ...
  • The most significant mentor in my life is ...
  • I struggled with {common challenge faced in your industry} until I did ...
  • I can't believe I've never done ...
  • Three things I've learned after {insert number of years} in the {insert your industry} industry 
  • What I've learned from {insert name of prominent person} while working in the {insert your industry} industry
  • What I've seen over {insert number of years} in the {insert your industry} industry
  • Then and now: {10 years ago | 5 years ago and so on versus today} in the {insert your industry} industry

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3 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Online plus 79 Creative FridayIntroductions Download


Whether stated or not, there's always a reason you're writing a blog post. And, that reason isn't always to sell something or get someone to sign up for your email list.

Your call to action can be as simple as inspiring your audience to share a photo of how they've set up their workspace or a photo of how they annotate/decorate their planner. 

Whatever you want your audience to do, make sure you focus directly or indirectly on just one desired action. (You should be posting with enough frequency that you can cover other target audiences and call to actions in other posts. Resist the urge to pack everything in to one post!)

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