Need help with marketing and community engagement? Have questions?
Or, just want to swap stories with a real person?

I can't wait to chat, and hope you're as adamant as I am about putting the person back in personality and about building welcoming, inclusive communities with real people. The world is filled with enough robots, we need you to be you.

I hate crickets with a passion. So, when you reach out to me, I do my best to get back to you within a business day or two.

A few times throughout the year, I unplug. 

  • The fourth week in January
  • The weeks preceding and following the Fourth of July
  • The last week of August and the first week of September

If you're trying to contact me at one of these times, my response will be delayed.



Office: +1 415 685 3336
Email: edenhensley [at] gmail [dot] com


I'm based out of San Francisco, CA, but available to work with both creative entrepreneurs and open source software and application startups worldwide.

Classes, as well as the Family Dinners at The Station Supper Club, are hosted at a private residence in San Francisco, CA. You can easily reach us by BART and SF MUNI lines 12, 14, 14L, 48, 49, and 67. I'll share the exact address with students and guests prior to your class or dinner.