Stories that get retold are simple, heartfelt, and shared with sincerity. They begin and end with you, the creative entrepreneur, and are memorable because of you. Infuse yourself, your personality and your humanity, into your stories and your tale will spread. The catch? Only you can start the tale.


Legends are born through the retelling.

Think you don't have time to tell your story? We'll help you fit storytelling into your routine and tailor how you share your dream. Together we'll develop a content strategy and build excitement up to your launch and beyond using the time you have available, whether that's five minutes a day or a couple of hours a week.

We'll transform your raw content, whether a few unedited text messages or a stream of consciousness in an email or on a voicemail, into a passionate, believable story in your voice. We'll serve up your ideas in easily digestible bites for use in collateral and email, on your blog and website, and across online advertising, social media, and events. We can then regularly share your stories on your founder's blog or in your newsletter. (Don't have one? We'll help you create one.) 

Have a strategy? Just need a little extra help for specific project? We can help you there too. We come up to speed quickly (to almost expert level) and can produce content consistent with your voice.



Seemingly overnight sensations share one commonality: they began sharing their stories before they were ready, building anticipation among their fans. You want to make it easy for your fans to make your story theirs. Set aside a few minutes a day and feed them pieces of your story; it's good for business.

We'd love to chat with you about your business and its future. To see if working with us makes sense for you, either email or call at (415) 685-3336. 


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