For me, there's something magical that happens when people share a meal, especially one they prepared together. Strangers become friends. Friends and family become a little closer.

That is why I'm opening my kitchen to you and inviting you to join me around my dinner table.


I believe the best place to tell a story
is over a home-cooked meal around a dinner table.

When I think of when and where I've been happiest, it's been around someone's table. My earliest memories are of my mom gathering us together nightly around the dining room table where we'd share our adventures and discuss current events while we ate dinner. We laughed. We argued. We learned. We loved.

And I've spent a good part of my life creating the opportunity for more of these happy memories to happen, feeding people home-cooked meals wherever I call home, from my college dormitory's butler pantry to a makeshift kitchen in the Black Rock Desert to the kitchen here at The Nest. Food and community are central to my being.

So let's get to know each other better! How? By swapping stories over a shared meal. If you love Thai food and are curious about how to make it, here's your chance. Join me in your kitchen or in mine, and together we'll bring a symphony of flavors to your table. Prefer to enjoy a home-cooked meal, but leave the cooking to someone else? Come on over and pull up a chair for a Family Dinner at The Nest.


Got questions about the Family Dinners at The Nest Supper Club or what you'll learn in either my in person or virtual Thai cooking classes? Send me an email.

I can't wait to have you join me for dinner and to swap stories with you!



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