Personal Branding Development Package with Coaching


Personal Branding Development Package with Coaching


Are you failing to connect with your ideal customers? Story complicated or blah?

Whether you’re branding an organization or yourself. In B2C or B2B, this consulting engagement is for you!

Together we will:

  • simplify your story--what you want to be known for;

  •  practice sharing your story until it’s second nature;

  •  update everywhere you share your story so that your online presence is consistent; and

  • establish benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of your efforts.

Not only will you get a crash course in branding, storytelling, and self promotion! But, you’ll also have:

  1. your personality archetype

  2. your personality adjectives

  3. a vision statement and one word

  4. a mission statement

  5. an elevator pitch

  6. social media bios

  7. audit of your online presence

  8. customer empathy maps

  9. online presence action plan

  10. editorial calendar

  11. social media schedule

  12. a speaker bio

  13. a media kit

  14. a content inventory

  15. a marketing sales funnel plan

  16. social media benchmarks

  17. social engine optimization (SEO) keyword and social media optimization (SMO) hashtag strategy

Whether you’re new to storytelling or have been at it awhile, you’ll have lots of opportunities for brainstorming, feedback, and critiques: 1) you can connect with others in a closed Facebook group; 2) at the end of each theme, you’ll have the option to get detailed written feedback on one of your assignments—four assignments in total; and the opportunity for 2 1-hour or 4 1/2-hour live personal coaching sessions.

Don’t miss your opportunity to refresh your brand!

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