We all have stories to tell. We just need to recognize them, to own them, and to shape them.

The Road to The Good Life is about elevating the ordinary, about capturing your moments, and about taking a second look--a deeper look into your business and your life--and finding what makes you and your product or service unique. It's about seeing your extraordinary, about crafting stories that reflect who you are, and about creating opportunities through the sharing of those stories. 



Put "person" into your brand personality by sharing authentic stories. I help people create inclusive communities by building relationships with the people who need your products and services.


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 Appreciate and enhance your life by being grateful for the “haves” instead of lingering on the “wants.”  I write about spending less time on the mundane and more time with friends and family.


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I'm Eden Hensley Silverstein. I'm a storyteller who seeks to nourish, to create meaningful connections, and to sow compassion. I see a world where life's a little brighter when we appreciate the "haves" in our lives rather than linger on the "wants." And, I wholeheartedly believe we all have "The Good Life" within our reach, if we just open our eyes to it. 

I've always had an eye for capturing and chronicling the everyday moments that make a good life; through every word and each image, I strive to tell a story. 

For over 18 years, I've been delivering engaging content and marketing programs with measurable results for solo entrepreneurs to Global 1000 organizations across Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage, Retail, and Software industries. I begin by stepping into the shoes of your users and produce succinct copy that motivates your community to take action and get involved. I've been crafting prose that attracts and hooks audiences since 1994.

I specialize in developing multi-touch programs that combine digital content (websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, email, and advertising) and offline events. I hold Bachelor degrees in Communication and in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University and an MBA from The Eli Broad Graduate School of Business at Michigan State University.

Some of the consumer brands I've worked with include: Bing, Bridgewater Candles, Cricut, Farm Fresh to You, Kiwi Crate, La Crema Wines, McDonald's, Tiny Prints, Walmart, and more.