common archetypes: built-in personality for your brand

Memorable brands start with personality. And that personality, if the right one, attracts your ideal customer to you.

Want to know if your brand’s personality is helping or hurting you? Start with the twelve common archetypes and find out how to match your brand archetype with your ideal customer’s worldview to gain raving fans.

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how to share a balanced story.

Effective storytelling requires balance. Balance means we need to know what goal the Information you’re sharing supports and think about why we’re sharing everything.

To be an effective storyteller: tell what appears to be all of your story; consistently retell key parts of your story; set goals for the content you’ll share; and plan content to cover your customer decision journey (CDJ).

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connecting with readers by sharing your story

Ever struggled with what to say when asked: “Tell me about your business”? Or "What makes your business unique?"

Stop rattling off a chronological history of what your business has accomplished, who your customers are, and so on -- a laundry list that’s not that interesting. Instead, seize your opportunity to make a lasting positive impression lost! Do these 3 things to connect with your ideal customer and make your #FridayIntroduction memorable.

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should you rebrand before a conference?

Planning on amping up your networking? Or speaking at a conference? You may be contemplating a minor brand refresh or a total rebrand.

Before diving in to either, step back. Think about what you hope to achieve with a new look. And then be realistic with whether you can roll out your updated branding across your online footprint--your website, your blog, and all of your social media channels--as well as your business cards. If you do decide a rebrand is in your cards, here are some tips and a checklist to ensure you you set your best foot forward.

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